Sunday, June 10, 2012


Here we go. The last six weeks. That's only one transfer in missionary time, by the way. We can do that, piece of cake. :)

Pregnancy has been going swimmingly the past two months. Little meisje moves ceaselessly in the womb, with a particular fondness of kicking my rib cage. It's an endearing sort of discomfort. She's shy of audiences and will stop kicking once someone puts their hand on my belly. Most of her performance is while I'm lying down in bed, nights and mornings. Justin and I love those moments.

I spend much time wondering what she will look like. I imagine she'll have brown hair, just like her parents. Her eyes may be squinty, like mine. Maybe she'll have Justin's nose? She could be pretty chubby. What if she's an ugly baby? (I made my mom promise to tell me if she is). I'm assured that I'll be hopelessly in love with her, no matter what. And I believe that.

We got a new district of missionaries on the 30th of May. Three elders. I can't praise them enough - what a diligent group they've proven to be in language and in testimony. Justin and I love teaching together again. Our sweet little girl will come before they depart for Amsterdam July 31, and then I will be a full time mother. I am sad to think of leaving my job at the MTC, but am looking forward to spending all my time with her. 

Our vacation to the Netherlands and Belgium in April was indescribable. What an amazing trip - to visit our mission together and spend time with the people we love over in the low lands. It was a blessing to see so many members and investigators enduring to the end and finding joy in living the gospel. It was awesome to be with our missionaries - those we've taught in the MTC - and see how much they've grown. We spent two days attending the temple zone conferences with them and what a special experience that was. We also tagged along for joint teaches, baptismal services, church, p-days...seeing them in their element made us feel proud of their hard work and envious of the privilege they have to be currently serving full-time. We're looking forward to another mission in, say, 50 years? :) 
The missionaries that we've taught (above and below)

 Riding "achter op" in Amsterdam
Groenplaats in Antwerpen, Belgium


  1. Jillian! I miss you. You can totally handle the last six weeks! I remember counting my first pregnancy by transfers too. Sometimes it just puts life into perspective a little better. Also--I was so scared that I would have an ugly baby, too! Dave also made fun of me, but it's a risk. Glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks that way!

    Your trip sounds awesome. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy, and have fun with your last moments of teaching at the MTC. You can do this! And I can't wait to see pictures of your beautiful little girl.

  2. YAY! I love that you're doing this blog thing. Happy, happy, happy.

    You'll rock this last six weeks. Piece of cake. No big deal. Enjoy the anticipation :)