Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hello spring/summer

The winter semester is over and Justin and I are looking forward to a lovely summer break with lots of working and playing together. And preparing for our daughter, whom we just call "meisje." (Dutch for "little girl") Though she remains nameless, we talk of her constantly and feel her kicking getting more forceful every day. As her strength grows, it seems mine is slackening and the third trimester is bringing me back to discomfort and less of an appetite. Justin says our baby is made of cereal. :)

Week 26 and still no name for our girly. No hurry.

We're thrilled to be heading out on a 2.5 week vacation to visit our mission cities in the Netherlands and Belgium! We can't wait to see the members and investigators that so much defined our mission experiences. We'll arrive just in time for a temple zone conference with President and Zuster Brubaker, so we'll also be able to see the missionaries we've taught in the MTC. It's so awesome to share this most incredible part of our lives together. We love being able to have common friends and experiences from our missions, as well as teaching the Dutch missionaries together at the MTC. It's been a uniting factor in our marriage and I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world to share so much of my life with my husband.

Holland and Vlaanderen, here we come! :D

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