Tuesday, October 30, 2012

we named her Sophie

The last entry had us waiting impatiently to ride out the last two months of my pregnancy. I had no idea then what motherhood would be like or just how much I could love my little girl. Though I anticipated change, I had no way of understanding how deeply having a child does change your life. Sure, our routine is a bit different - diapers, interrupted sleep, carseats and strollers. Though maybe change isn't the best way to describe what happened. Maybe I should say that it enhanced our life, enriched our life, deepened our life, consecrated our life. Justin and I look at her multiple times throughout the day and just stand still with awe and wonder at what we've created. What God created. 
And we named her Sophie Lelah.

Allow me to introduce you to our sweet baby girl. 

Sophie is a content and happy baby. She cries only when necessary and is quickly comforted. She loves getting her diaper changed. She's getting more control of her neck and can sit up with help. She smacks her lips and squeaks while she eats. She ALWAYS has her head looking to the left. Her legs are stronger for standing and she prefers to be facing out now. She loves to suck on ANYTHING - her hands, blankets, clothes, and binkie She blows spit bubbles and drools. She sleeps A LOT! She's constantly cooing and getting more jabbery. She adores her swing. She kicks her legs until her blankets come off. She laughed for the first time last weekend. And she's smiling so much more - that shy smile. It's the most beautiful thing.

As for me and my house -

Justin is busy with school. He's taking a few childhood/adolescent development classes and comes home with theories to implement in our growing family :) He has a neurobiology class, which has him absolutely dumbfounded at the complexity of the human brain. He's ever more in awe of the Creator's resplendent masterpiece: the cognitive man. He's busy researching various graduate schools to study psychology next school year. Who knows where we'll be settled for next September?
He's still working as a Dutch teacher at the MTC and loves it (but he misses having me there, of course). He just sent off a group to the Netherlands/Belgium and Suriname. I had the chance to learn from them at the TRC. :)

I was a stay-at-home mom until the 2nd of October. I heard from a friend about a position speaking Dutch and working from home: you are now looking at THE Dutch Associate Support for ASEA, a MLM company that sells a water-like health supplement. Riveting. But actually, it's the biggest blessing being able to work from home with flexible hours and a language I love, with Justin on the couch next to me and Sophie on my lap as I answer emails or have a break between calls. The second income is also very much appreciated.

Sophie was blessed on August 19 by her daddy, grandpas and uncles. It was a lovely evening with our dear families. It happened to be the day before our first year anniversary - what an incredible year it's been! We're more in love now than ever and have a daughter to add to that joy :)