Thursday, March 29, 2012

a record shall be kept among us

I have been admonished to be faithful in keeping a good record of my life with promises that my journals, my history, the mementos that I save will become a cherished treasure to my posterity down through the many ages of time. And yet I conclude that I am not falling into line. My journal goes for weeks untouched, deprived of so many sweet and humorous experiences that will never be remembered. I am sad when I realize this.

Thus I feel the need to write, to record our lives. We have such wonderful lives, Justin and I. And baby. It will soon be the three of us and I want to not forget this precious time. It's a time of conclusion with my impending graduation. A time of anticipation for summer months. And a time of preparation for her.

So that's it. We're blogging.


Included are some photographs that sum up favorite moments. We've had a lot.
Our little girl
Together we teach the Dutch missionaries at the MTC
Our honeymoon to Cancun, Mexico
Married 20 August in the Jordan River LDS temple
Hiking the Y the day before our engagement
Serving our missions together in Belgium/Netherlands